Entersoft Business Suite®

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SFA TargetEntersoft Business Suite® is a comprehensive and integrated business software suite for ERP, CRM, Retail, Mobile, E-Commerce and Business Intelligence applications.

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Entersoft Business Suite’s® ERP

Entersoft Business Suite’s® ERP system, coordinates and distributes information across the organization providing Role Based business processes and information access as well as multiple best practices scenarios that enhance productivity and competitiveness.

Comprehensive real time Reports, Dashboards and Business Intelligence analytics, via a single source of truth improves business insight and decision making.

Entersoft CRM®

Entersoft CRM® is an innovative Customer Relationship Management system fulfilling the needs of Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and Maintenance Service (SLAs) divisions of an organization. It is fully integrated with ERP systems, providing an integrated software environment for a 360o, real time insight of your customers and contacts.

Entersoft Mobile®

Organize and control your contacts and market activities anytime, anywhere, as if you were at office. With Entersoft Mobile® applications your mobile executives can enjoy a comprehensive application in their Windows compatible mobile smartphone or tablet pc, fulfill their tasks and stay updated wherever they are. Entersoft Mobile® is an easy to use, high tech application, with low power consumption, standalone or fully integrated with ERP and CRM.

Entersoft Ε-Commerce®

Entersoft Ε-Commerce® is an ample e-commerce software fully integrated with the Entersoft Business Suite® or Entersoft Expert®, ERP & CRM application. Entersoft Ε-Commerce® can be integrated with any ERP or CRM software.

Entersoft Retail®

is a contemporary, standalone software application specifically designed for the retail industry with hybrid functionality (online and offline) and fully integrated with ERP, CRM and E-Commerce.

Automate your workflows and speed up processes to minimize operational costs and increase overall efficiency while providing better customer support and advanced customer experience.

Discover the perspectives of your business

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