Free Social WiFi

Harness the Power of Free Social WiFi with all the advantages of Viral Marketing

Social Media Authentication

Free Social WiFi gives the option to the user
 freely navigate in WiFi network after connection
 his Facebook account and “Like” the page
you have chosen. Share is visible to all
of his profile friends.


Promotional Offers

Free Social WiFi designed for managing a large
number of ads
Post your own ad banner,
offersdiscount couponsevents etc.
Promote your business to anyone connected to
 Hotspot or to your social media page.

Customers’ Feedback

Questionnaires can be used in Free Social WiFi to
retrieve information
. Via the remote control panel,
the user identified by Facebook or Google account,
will be transferred to the digital questionnaireAfter
completion you can provide free internet access.

Remote Cloud Management & Security

Cloud Management in one and quick interface
protected by a secure SSL connection.
Manages distribution, data and software updates
of Hotspots and all integrated Digital Marketing
solutions and campaigns.

E-mail Lists

All network users will be automatically
 to the e-mail databaseYou will record
actual email addresses of your customers,
and also will collect important demographic data.
All this managed without violating the privacy of users.

Analysis and Statistics

Real-time measurements, such as frequency of visit,
gender, You 
can retrieve information
and statistics on the use of WiFi networks.
View reports based on social activity of users
in order to identify the response rate in their actions.