For over 20 years we study, develop and advise companies and organizations that will manage “smart” the profound changes in society and the economy, with ally New Technologies. Data Communication Systems provides innovative and integrated Digital Marketing Solutions for your business, visitors and customers.

Additionally, and independently, with that circulates up to now on the market, our company, with Bluenetwork service via Free Social Wifi, enables you to take advantage of all benefits currently available under Social Media.

Simple and easy to use Viral Marketing make the most dynamic part of customers and your visitors (ages 18 – 44+) to advertise your business, products and services tis.Pos to achieve this? Very easily! Just connect our special equipment with your modem and your customers will automatically be able to navigate freely on the Internet, provided they do Like to the page you specify to Facebook

Why provide only Free Wifi once you can effectively take advantage to promote your company, its products and services?